We help you make the right decisions for your business growth. FIRE INDIA is your one-stop gateway to exciting opportunities, latest know-hows, innovations, large scale networking and learning.

Why Visit

Because we deliver what others dream about!

Multiple Growth Opportunities

Not only a large scale networking will aid you identifyng growth opportunities but you also get to identify potential business partners and learn more about reaching next growth levels from key industry people.

Pre- Fix Meetings

Dont just collect cards, plant strong relationships by giving focused attention to each of your business prospects. Get to know their profile and prepare for each meeting in advance. Use our program- GO CONNECT. 


We provide ample opportunities for you to socialze during the exhibition, conference program, lunches, Go Connect, to name a few. Make the most of it with us.

Gateway to Innovations

We know what you want. Innovations lead the way in any industry and hence, we have introduce the INNOVATION AWARDS for you, this year.  Learn about the latest innovations, new product launches and the rising competition.


We make extra efforts for knowledge to be flowing around. A cutting edge conference that will host a series of presentations and case studies will be your doorway to abundace of knowledge.

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